Area Editor 1.30

Area Editor 1.30



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Date Added:25 December, 2012



Area file editor for ROM and SMAUG area files. Easy-to-use GUI interface lets you view each room, mobile and object in a "tree view" on the left-hand side of the screen. Clicking on each item shows details about it, which can then be edited. You can: 1. Set attributes for rooms, mobiles etc. using checkboxes, rather than having to add up large numbers. 2. Add, delete or duplicate things in the area. 3. Syntax-check MUD programs against your current commands/skills/socials files 4. Do an "area check" to check for missing, or unused, items 5. Renumber the vnums in an area, including references to vnums in MUD programs 6.Cross-reference most things against each other (eg. which mobs are loaded into a particular room) 7. Find things by summary, detail, program contents, or vnum. Finding can be optionally across all open areas. 8. View, edit, add, remove commands/skills/socials in a easy-to-view windows. 9. Print your whole area so you can browse through it and check descriptions etc. 10. Specify your own flag names in a configuration file, so you can customise the editor to correspond to changes to the codebase. 11. Managing "resets" is greatly simplified 12. Each mob/room/object shows (by scanning reset lists) where it is loaded 13. You can add mob/objects resets to a room by clicking on an "add mob" or "add object" button - you then choose the appropriate item from a list box 14. You can equip or give to mobs by highlighting them in the room view and clicking on the "equip" or "give" buttons - you then choose the appropriate object from a list box 15. Deleting a reset for a mob automatically deletes related "equip" and "give" resets 16. Adding exits is simplified - you can also add a "reverse exit" at the same time 17. An "area walkthrough" allows you to simulate visiting each room in the area, to see how your room descriptions will look, and see what mobiles and objects are loaded into that room.

Systems: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, Windows 2000

Tags: mud   area   editor   smaug   rom  

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